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112 – In Love With You | Lirik Lagu


112 – In Love With You | Lirik Lagu

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112 – In Love With You | Lirik Lagu
Photo : Dailyposnesia - Satukan Keragaman Cerminkan Harapan

Dailyposnesia – Hiburan | Berikut kami sajikan artikel yang berjudul 112 – In Love With You :

Every day i think about
All the love you’ve given me
All the ways you show your love and
Girl it drives me crazy
Every day our love grows stronger
Everytime i see you
Thinking about this love you give me
Girl i can’t get over you

[1] – just how i feel for you
Tell me your love will always be here for me
I need your love don’t ever take it away
Tell me with me is where you’ll always stay

[2] – you are so special to me
I need you here with me
Someone to love me always
I’m in love with you

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You are so special to me
Why don’t you stay with me
So we can be together
I’m in love with you

Never was a love before me
No one else compares to you
No one does the things you do
To make me feel the way i do
Every time i see your pretty face
It makes me love you more
All this time i looked for love
And now it is knocking at my door.

[repeat 1]
[repeat 2]

You mean the world to me
And you’re more special
Than you think
Baby you must believe
That i love you so

[repeat 2 until fade]

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